CAE – Certificate in Advanced English

Inhalte: Vorbereitung auf den Erwerb des Sprachzertifikats CAE
Zielgruppe: SchülerInnen der Jgst. Q1/Q2
Leitung: Frau Wingen/FrauBuß
Termin: donnerstags, 9. Stunde
 Raum: bitte bei Frau Wingen erfragen (am LZ)

The CAE gives an in-depth assessment of your ability and fluency at level C1/C2. As a qualification, it proves that you can deal with complicated academic and professional tasks in English.

What will I be able to do with the CAE?
·    follow any academic course at university level
·    communicate effectively at managerial and professional level
·    participate with confidence in workplace meetings or academic tutorials and seminars
·    carry out complex and challenging research

Whether you are considering studying abroad, studying in English, or applying for jobs, the CAE will make your application stand out and give you a much better chance of being successful in your application. It is valid for an indefinite amount of time and does not run out, unlike other similar certificates.

Costs: approximately 120€ to take the exam, 30€ for the textbook (depends which edition you get), and 20€ for the workbook and CD.

Format of the exam

There are four papers. In order to pass, your mark needs to be over 60%. You can fail a section and still pass by making up for it in the other sections.

Reading + Use of English:
Shows you can deal confidently with different types of text. Tests your ability to use the right words, tenses and idioms in the right situation, at the right time.
Requires you to be able to write a variety of different items; such as essays, proposals, reports and reviews.
Requires being able to follow and understand a range of spoken materials; such as lectures, speeches and interviews.
Tests your ability to communicate effectively in face-to-face situations. You will take the test with one or two other candidates.